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Sleep Doctor Mattress Review - Sleep Doctor Mattress redeems itself - King sized mattress
Sleep Doctor Mattress Review

Sleep Doctor Mattress Review


Sleep Doctor Mattress redeems itself - King sized mattress

I previously wrote a negative review (on this site) of Sleep Doctor Mattress since my husband and I had so many problems. Since I wrote the review, the Muskegon store manager contacted my husband and said that the "Powers that Be" told him that he had to sell us the Rainbow Mist at the Sam's Club Price. Eric wouldn't tell my husband exactly who the "Powers that Be" is/are. Eric did this but still charged us a $77 delivery fee. The mattress arrived on time and had actually been manufactured the day before it was delivered. I was pretty content with that and updated some of the sites that I posted negatively on. I was then personally contacted by Phil ****, who is co-owner of Sleep Doctor Mattress. Phil was extremely apologetic for everything that my husband and I went through. Phil was genuinely concerned that my husband and I end up satisfied with the services that we received from Sleep Doctor Mattress. Phil said that Eric would be reprimanded. Phil was incredulous that Eric would charge us a delivery fee after everything that we had gone through. Phil promised to refund this delivery fee. Phil said that he and his brother, Roger ****, wanted to take my husband out to dinner and asked where we liked to eat. Phil suggested Red Lobster, which we love, and said that he would send us a gift card. Phil followed through on his promises. We received a check with the refunded delivery fee, as well as a $75 gift card to Red Lobster. The refund and the gift card were nice, but what meant the most to me was having him personally contact me and apologize. My viewpoint on Sleep Doctor has drastically changed. I still wouldn't deal with Eric, but I now feel that the company itself stands up to its advertising. I actually would recommend purchasing a mattress from them as opposed to a large chain store because you would be much more likely to have your problem addressed. Phil and Roger ***** are true, caring businessmen. I just hope that some of their employees learn to be more like them.

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TOXICAVENGER says: (8 years ago)
I have chronic health problems due to chemical exposure in the workplace. So far I have taken all the necessary precautions to reduce or eliminate any chance of aggravating these conditions and I have been doing very well and leading a fairly normal life for the past year or 2. I'm a newly-wed and after 3 years of sharing a full size futon with my husband we decided to get a real bed. I had been putting it off because it was hard to find a bed made of natural materials that I could actually test out in a store. So I recently purchased an IBC bed from a sleep doctor store that was supposed to be only a latex mattress and natural fabric outer. It was one of the expensive origins beds. I was very specific about my health problems and my special needs. I told the salesman that I didn't want a mattress that had polyurethane foam or any other toxic stuff that would off-gas. He told me that the origins mattresses were all made with latex and had organic cotton outer parts and that they would definitely suit my needs. Well the first thing that was a problem was the required waterproof mattress cover happened to be made of polyurethane and not latex. After using the cover on the bed for the first few days the my chronic headaches and the horrid mildew/burnt rubber smell gave me a clue something was wrong and then I looked at the package and was furious when I saw that the waterproof barrier was made of polyurethane..... So I decided to remove the cover and let the bed and room air out... The bed continued to wreak all day... So I looked at the manufacturing tag, my whole mattress is made of polyurethane foam. Long story short I got really sick over the course of 2 weeks. The mattress and cover are off-gassing as much VOC's as a can of rustoleum every day. I've had migraines, airway inflammation, and sinusitis every day for the past week, even though I haven't slept in the room for 3 days now. My husband can't stand the smell either. We took what we needed out of our bedroom and we basically sealed it off. We haven't been going in there except to open or close windows. We've tried to air it all out, but sometimes it's too cold to have the windows open like that and we have no choice but to shut them when we're gone. Bottom line, whether or not they can or do exchange it, the bed needs to be removed from my house. Some of our friends and relatives have smelled the bedroom and bed for themselves and they agree that the smell is unbearable. I am willing and able to at least bring the bed set to the store I purchased it from just to get it out of my house before things get any worse, the smell is leeching into other areas too like my bathroom. I figured if they sell the crap, they can sit there and suck up all the fumes, at least they're getting paid for it. I am also very tired of sharing the couch with my husband. I've gotten horrible sleep for more than a week. Our old bed was physically uncomfortable, but at least it didn't wreak and I didn't get sick just from being in the same room with it. The bed we bought from Sleep Doctor was physically comfortable to sleep on, but it's a powder keg of toxic gas and it's making us sick. I had a friend check it out with his VOC detector and he said that it read over 200 grams per liter. -That's 2x as much as latex and he told me polyurethane foam is going to off-gas 10x longer than latex too. I feel awful and I can't bear the thought of 5-14 more days of this while they try to find me a bed that doesn't have polyurethane in it. If they don't have anything that's 100% polyurethane free that has all natural materials I just want my money back so I can buy what I asked for. I will most likely be forced to buy an organic bed online because there aren't any retailers in my area. But at least that way I can take the proper steps to get a guarantee in writing as far as what is and ISN'T in my bed. I'm so jaded from being lied to, mistreated, brushed off, and abused by sleep doctor mattress, I just don't want them to have my money. My husband and I both feel violated. I tried to go over our salesperson's head because of how he treated us and we just got passed around to 5 different sleep doctor store numbers, 2 of the guys we talked to were outrageously rude. Finally we talked to one nice guy who even put me in touch with the Regional Manager, who just blew me off and made the LIAR call us instead. The LIAR suggested I move the giant king size pillow top to another area in the house which I said is unacceptable, risky, and impossible. He then suggested that I PUT THE BED IN THE GARAGE! I'm sure that would void any exchange warranty we had. I'm definitely reporting them to the BBB and I may even sue for the physical problems I'm having, along with the pain and suffering involved with being forced to sleep on 6 square feet of space, and any respiratory therapy or steroids I have to go on to get my reaction under control, and if my husband's job performance suffers due to his poor sleep that will add to the litany of complaints we have about our ordeal with Sleep Doctor Mattress CO.

badbed says: (9 years ago)
I bought a bed at Sleep Doctor about a month ago. I told Tom I needed a firm bed and showed him the one I chose. He showed me another bed that was "the same firmness" and recommended that one for a side sleeper per Doctors, Chiro, etc. I asked if after sleeping on the bed and it wasn't comfortable then what? He assured me they take care of their customers. After 2 nights, I was having back pain. I thought I would wait a few more days to let my body adjust to the new bed. I woke up with so much pain in my spine, I was late an hour and a half for work. I called and stopped in to talk to Steve the manager and they said I could pick out another bed, pay the difference plus $200 handling fee. I wake up everyday with neck and upper back pain. I couldn't believe the run around I was given. They finally sent someone to check out the mattress. It was only sagging 1 inch (in less than a month) they won't do anything unless its two inches. I called the attorney general's office and they told me to file a complaint. I will write the Better Business Bureau and put an article in the Jackson Citizen Patriot to warn people of the Sleep Doctors practices.

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